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    Hold the Spot - Booking Software
    The freedom to do it your way.
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    "We have been using Hold the Spot for over 6 years now with great success.
    Staff-wise, we could not manage the steady increase in ticket sales without
    this booking system. We now also have a tremendously growing customer
    database. They are very supportive with any questions or concerns as well.
    Hold the Spot, in my opinion, is also very user friendly."

       Capt Gary Geisler     Keylypso Charters of the Palm Beaches
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    Capt Scott Robson has put in his time protecting and promoting the interests
    of the charter industry. He served on the NACO board of directors and as
    president of the Destin Charter Boat Assoc. For over 30 years he's been taking
    charters for some of the gulf's finest fishing.   He's been 6 years with Hold the Spot.

    "To all charter captains, just wanted to let you know what a fantastic tool
    Hold the Spot has been for my business. You all know it's hard if not impossible
    to be answering your phone for potential customers and be out fishing at the
    same time. You have to rely on an answering machine or a booking service.
    Hold the Spot is like having my own personal booking agent, relieving the
    burden and stress of missed calls . And without the per trip booking fees!"

       Capt Scott Robson     Charter Boat Phoenix
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    Built for the Marine Industry

        Our in-house gateway has been built to help you
        work with the realities of the marine environment.

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    Capt Buddy Vanderhoop has been fishing the waters off of Martha's
    Vineyard for 45 years. He's put alot of people on big bass including
    celebs the likes of Keith Richards, Taj Mahal, Jim Belushi, James
    Taylor, Spike Lee and etc etc.   He's been 6 years with Hold the Spot.

    "Using Hold the Spot is the smartest thing you can do if you own a
    charter business. It's very easy and it's like your best secretary.
    Sometimes I come home after spending 10 hrs on the water and there
    will be 8 or 10 charters booked and payed for. The service is
    awesome and literally takes half the work out of your business.
       Capt Buddy Vanderhoop     Tomahawk Charters
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    I have used Hold the Spot booking software to manage my bookings for the
    last 5 years and it is by far the best online booking system available. It is
    user friendly for the customers and captain alike. It allows me the freedom
    to go offshore, fish, and know that my business is taken care of by a quality
    software system created by those who know the business. Time is money
    and the less time I spend managing reservations is more time to find fish.
    Capt Don Franklin     SoleMan Sportfishing     San Francisco

What we've got.

Here at Hold the Spot our #1 continued goal is to provide you with all of the tools necessary to conduct your business the way that you like.

Hold the Spot - Booking Software

Public Booking Calendar

Your booking calendar allows customers a quick and easy transaction. Their info now stored, the customer list grows and the next booking will be even easier.

Administration Tools

Manage your customer list, your staff, your location and much more from you secure admin area. Add as many users and set their appropriate privledges.This feature allows agencies and hotels to handle your bookings as well.

Administration Bookings

When booking from the admin area you are able to cancel and make other adjustments not available in the public calendar. Manage your offerings and create as many as you'd like. This gives you the opportunity to test new choices for your customers. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

30% of buyers book online outside of business hours.
Let your customers book while you sleep.

Administration Area

Allows administrator/staff to manage:

  • Admin booking calendar
  • Trip offerings and details
  • Reservation adjustments
  • Customer list
  • Reports
  • Day status and exclusions
  • Business policies
  • Business Preferences
  • Internal business and customer notes
  • Customize and edit public calendar
  • User/staff privledges

Public Availability & Booking Calendar

Allows customers to:

  • View your trip offerings, prices and availability
  • Book a reservation 24/7
  • Review and agree to your cancellation policies
  • Include questions/comments for the booking
  • Secure booking with full payment or deposit
  • Create and log into a secured account
  • Log in to a pre-filled, ready to proceed booking

Taking Payments

Credit Cards
Custom Gateway & the Marine Industry

Weather is a key player in this business and with it comes unavoidable cancellations. Unfortunately, merchant accounts charge you a fee for both the purchase and the refund transaction if an initial payment was processed.

Transaction example:
Days before the departure date, a customer pays $500 with a credit card for a private charter. Then, weather cancels the trip and the customer gets fully refunded. With an average transaction fee of 3%, the payment processor will keep about $30 of a trip you never took.

Though the weather is unavoidable, the fees are. Our custom gateway has been built to take this into account. No longer will you need to pay these fees when you process your transactions through our gateway.

BluePay Credit Card Processing Services

BluePay is full service Tier 1 credit card processor based in Naperville, Illinois, with offices and data centers across the United States.
BluePay provides the highest level of data security in the industry, ensuring that merchants never have to worry about compromised card information.

  • Retail rates as low as .95%
  • Next Day Deposit Funding Available / 24 hours std
  • 24/7 Live Person Support (In-House)
BluePay is extremely competitive and will meet or beat any rate that you have now. For those who already have existing accounts with other service providers, switching to BluePay is easy. Their merchant account specialists will walk you through the steps required to transfer your account information to your BluePay account. Most new merchant accounts are activated and operational within 24 to 48 hours, and for transfer accounts, merchants can continue to accept credit cards throughout the transfer process. In addition, BluePay can subsidize fees incurred in terminating your old account.
BluePay maintains the highest levels of security for your business, your customers and your complete credit card payment process.
BluePay's advanced PCI tokenization solution is specifically designed to keep stored cardholder data safe, protecting sensitive credit card account numbers and reducing the risk of compromised data. Protects stored data with ΓÇ£tokens,ΓÇ¥ or coded reference pointers, whether transmitted through point-of-sale terminals or online payments.

Live Demos

Take a test drive on the demo of your choice, (no experience necessary).

Sell Unlimited Tickets - Offer Split or Shared Charters - Take Private Parties


One annual fee (per boat) for your booking software.

Ticketing: $499
Unlimited Tickets, Unlimited Private and Shared Charters

Private Charters $399
Unlimited Private and Shared Charters

Both services include unlimited bookings - offerings - staff/users/agencies - locations

HTS offers NACO members a 15% discount on our annual subscription cost.

NACO is a national association of charterboat owners and operators that was formed in 1991. Representing thousands of individuals all across the United States, the membership includes marine charters who provide fishing, sailing, diving, eco-tours, and other excursion vessels who carry passengers for hire. As the premiere Association that represents charter boat interests, NACO's objective is to improve the professional charter boat operator's bottom line and to provide a strong voice in Washington, DC.

If you are not a NACO member and you sign up with them by the end of your free trial period you will be eligible for the 15% discount. By the way, our discount may more than cover the cost of a NACO membership.
Click here
to head on over to NACO to see how you can promote the health of your industry and at the same time enjoy the many benefits that NACO has to offer as well.

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